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In Odessa on may 2, 2014 397 people were lost according to approximate calculations. Most blame the local elite, which has managed to get himself in Kiev certain concessions.

The Author-Grigory Tarasenko

Ukraine, Odessa, may 1, 2014

The real number of victims of the Odessa tragedy is much more than the official data, and local elites acted in collusion with the "patriots". Correspondent at "Kharkiv" conducted an investigation into the events of may 2, 2014.

What happened in Odessa on may 2, 2014 was not accidental and spontaneous, but a planned action. All used photos and videos are freely available, posted by eyewitnesses of these events for maximum public awareness.

"Anti-Maidan" in Odessa was born when "Euromaidan" raged», it was an initiative from below to protest what was happening in Kiev. He was a huge conglomerate of various organizations and groups of citizens. Unified leadership at the "Maidan" was not allowed to take control of this conglomerate of people representing the interest of the local elite, who controlled the city.

The presence of" anti-Maidan " helped the local elite to preserve themselves and their privileges, as the right-wing radicals who seized power in Kiev agreed to make concessions. Thus, the "anti-Maidan" was no longer needed by the local elite, and they agreed to the proposal of the right-wing radicals first to release all the protest steam into the whistle, and then, in the truest sense of the word, to channel this protest.

What happened in Odessa on may 2, 2014 was not accidental and not spontaneous and is a planned action by the new authorities of Ukraine, who came to power as a result of the coup in February 2014

The whole March and April 2014 saw the release of the protest steam, when tens of thousands of people columns aimlessly drove around the city. Endless rallies and other events were held. Have people came fatigue. in Fact, by the end of April 2014, "Antimaydan" no longer posed a threat , both for the local elite and for the Kiev  authorities.

However, the Kiev authorities decided to finish it, then to use the psychological factor of fear throughout the country. When people are not afraid of what happened, and repeating it. But without a well-thought plan of action, such an operation is extremely difficult to carry out, in addition, significant material resources and a large number of people are required. And some of the preparatory activities were simply impossible to hide.

Representatives of " Antimaydan "later told that their heads told that there will be a fight with" ultras "who will arrive to a football match" Chernomorets " – "Metalist", and on it everything will end. And who, besides local authorities, could provide such information to the leaders of the various groups of the "Maidan"?

In turn, the Kiev authorities used the local elite for their own purposes local elite   for their own purposes. They hardly gave them all the information, giving only the one that didn't scare them, especially if the victims planned a lot. After all, they are "burned" in Kharkov, where such is not accomplished solely because of the opposition of the local authorities.

Representatives of "Maidan" later said that they had been warned about the scuffle with the "ultras», i.e., aggressive-minded football fans

It should also be noted that in the ranks of "Antimiani", there was a large number of provocateurs, agents, SBU (service of safety of Ukraine) and embedded right-wing radicals. In total, on may 2, 2014 in Odessa gathered a large number of" guests", there were at least three thousand people. The gathering place for the" guests "was the Cathedral square in the city center, and" peaceful demonstrators" took with them the corresponding " football " equipment.

In turn, the Squad of " Antimaydan "in number about 300 people was built on Aleksandrovsky Avenue, waiting for"guests". After that it made some maneuvers. At first it moved to Zhukovsky street. And then across the street Catherine went to the Greek square.

It should be noted a few important points that influenced the further course of events. The stop on Zhukovsky was caused by that in the house No. 36 there was a staff «Right sector" (they are still there). However, the police did not miss them.

At the corner of the Catherine Squad once again stoppeds, and planned to head towards Kulikov field through the Rope or Marazlievskaya. At this moment, when it was decided where to go Sergei Dolzhenkov (aka "captain Cocoa") led his platoon, part of the squad, to the Greek. After that, the whole Squad followed him.

The gathering place for the" guests "was the Cathedral square in the city center and "peaceful demonstrators" took with them the appropriate "football" equipment

At 15:30 the first skirmishes began. But seeing the superior forces of the "patriots", the Squad had no choice but to withdraw and barricade in the alley of Vice-Admiral Zhukov, between Deribasovskaya and Greek. To break through a wall, let and small Team, "patriots" of Ukraine didn't manage.

Initially, the scuffles were really more like a fight "wall to wall", as the Directors of this tragedy was not yet in the hands of the trigger, to the crowd lost its human form. But the Directors quickly corrected it. A ritual murder was committed, the crowd was given a sacred sacrifice, which predetermined the further course of events. Now the crowd has lost moral brakes, becoming a brainless killing machine, where the number of victims was regulated exclusively by Directors, who pointed the direction of movement in order, to people who have become animals, could satisfy their thirst for blood.

First blood and Greek square

Andrey Vasilyevich Biryukov, born in 1978, a native of Odessa, a citizen of Ukraine, was killed at the intersection of Deribasovskaya and Preobrazhenskaya streets near the underground passage. Cause of death-gunshot wound in lung and large blood loss.

Diagonally from this place is Libman's house, which offers a good overview of the area for the sniper. And at that moment representatives of "Antimaydan" at that intersection simply weren't. They all concentrated in the alley Of Vice-Admiral Zhukov, between Deribasovskaya and Greek, near the bar "Gambrinus", i.e. were for a whole block from the murder.

The first murder happened at the intersection of Deribasovskaya and Preobrazhenskaya streets near the underpass

The fact that on the roofs of houses were placed in advance of people, no doubt, but their identity is unknown. However, no matter how they disguised themselves, some of them got into the lenses of photo and video cameras. This may also indicate the planning of this action.

After the first murder, clashes took a more violent type. Appeared girls"patriot", who began busily pouring Molotov cocktails on the bottle of the pre brought to the "football" match ingredients. Others began to disassemble the paving stones and paving slabs and used against opponents.

Appeared girl"patriots" who began busily pouring Molotov cocktails on the bottle of the pre-brought on in a football match ingredients

Due to the fact that the "guests" could not break the formation of the Squad, they attempted to capture the fire truck for the subsequent rams building Squads. The maddened crowd attacked nearby the located fire station and stole one car. Nikolay Anatolyevich Yavorsky, 1976 year of birth, the citizen of Ukraine, the worker of GU gschs of Ukraine in Odessa region was killed. He died from heavy blood loss due to gunshot wounds from a shotgun to the back.

It is worth noting the actions of police. They tried to prevent bloodshed as much as possible. 22 policemen, some with gunshot wounds, were injured in clashes on Greek square.

After some time, most of the Squad managed to break through the encirclement, and the remaining retreated to  the shopping center of Athens and prepared to repel the assault. But forwards stop and do not go to the assault of "Athens". At this time there is a "Governor" of Odessa region Nemirovsky-the representative of group " Tekom-Pivdenny».

Most of the "peaceful protesters" leave, the rest still roam around "Athens", not daring to storm them without a team. The police have also become much smaller. After that, drive the van, which the policemen put the rest of the Guards and take them to Ovidiopol and Belgorod-Dniester regional departments. At this moment already the trade unions Building on Kulikovo field burns.

At this time there is a "Governor" of Odessa region Vladimir Nemirovsky

A total of six people were killed in the area of Greek square, of which five were killed by shot. In the Commission of these crimes was reasonably suspected Sergei Kodiak, one of the activists «Euromaidan, but he was released and is revered by the "patriots" of Ukraine as a national hero. That day groups of "patriots" practiced in advance prepared lists of anti-fascists, them caught and killed on all city, and not only in two specified places.

Slaughter in the house of trade unions on Kulikovo field

At that time, When the Greek already raging collision on the Kulikovo field was all quiet. There were at least 300 people. Instead of leaving the camp, they began to construct improvised barricades that did not represent any obstacle or protection at all.

Later it was joined by part of the Squad, who managed to escape from the Greek and not dissolve in the city. They have already organized a more solid barricade near the entrance to the house of trade unions. However what was in it military or common sense, it isn't found out to this day. Just the fact remains.

Right before the attack of the "guests" on the Kulikovo field began to walk people, who gathered people to the entrance to the house of trade unions, instead of taking them out. At 18 hours 23 minutes the attack of the avant-garde "peaceful protesters" on the camp "anti-Maidan", located on the Kulikovo field.


At 18 hours 30 minutes, some "fans" put on gas masks, and the shooting of firearms towards the house of trade unions begins.


At 18 hours 37 minutes "guests" begin to throw "Molotov cocktails" barricade near the entrance to the house of trade unions.


After that "patriots" admit that simply came to burn down all who will be in this building.


They begin to throw "Molotov cocktails" at the building itself, but the bottles are broken on the heavy window frames and do not get inside the building. "Patriots" make the decision to break glasses on Windows, throwing in them various subjects, and some even shoot from firearms.

Ammunition "patriots" were spent not only for firing at Windows, they shot and at people whom saw in the trade unions Building. Many defenders of the house of trade unions just finished  on the ground, when they jumped out of the Windows.


Only a small part of the defenders managed to escape. About 80 people got to hospitals. There were also cases of cannibalism and other crimes, including burning people alive.



"Patriots" managed to get into the building from the side entrance, they just opened the door one of the instigators embedded in the "anti-Maidan". After this massacre began. The whole" wings " of the floors of this large building were covered with human blood, along with the basement, which was subsequently cleaned and washed away from the traces of the crime. And in the building began to urgently make repairs. In this case, the entrances to some offices were concreted.


ВИДЕО 10 (тут вставить видео как радикалы проникают в здание через другой вход с торца здания)

Only at 19 hours 12 minutes firefighters were able to start extinguishing the fire in the house of trade unions. There were many large and small fires. To make it more clear, under the small hearths meant the burning of living people in the corridors and offices, where they burned with parquet and furniture. But someone fire is not allowed to the place of fire. And the work of dispatching service raises questions.




About midnight Kharkiv "Diaspora" in the amount of 1500 people organized plunged on the train and left for the city of Kharkiv. It is worth noting that the train to Kharkiv activists of local militia waited. To avoid "warm" meeting, the train filled with murderers came not to the southern station of the city, and to "Balashovka". The rest of the right-wing radicals left to MOP up the traces of their crimes in Odessa.

The announced official figure of 48 killed is a lie . Even if we consider that 80 were taken to hospitals, and 50 were taken out by policemen and immediately sent to the IVS, and several dozen people managed to survive on the roof and were rescued by firefighters, then where did the rest?

About provocateurs and work of SBU (security service of Ukraine)

From the very beginning of "Antimaydan" its ranks were penetrated by representatives of right-wing radical groups. They went to all actions of "anti-Maidan", knew the mass of people and a situation from within. They showed themselves on may 2, 2014.


And so the SBU took away the House of trade Unions  from its agents embedded in the ranks of the "Antimaydana". All right, because they have done their work, and valuable human resources to waste not need. They can still come in handy in a couple of years.

There is another page in the incident that was improperly covered in the media from the very beginning. A small video with boy in the window of the house of trade unions flew around the world. And then I felt fine the security service with a variety of media. People are worried about whether he survives or not. Someone even tried to introduce him to the victims. But few people know the true identity of this boy in the scarf fans of football club "Chernomorets".


Initially, he was seen at the moment when his "brothers" broke into the Kulikovo field. Then the main part ran from the railway station, and he ran from the monument to the revolutionaries. And his hands were busy with "normal" household items of every football fan.


And this boy's name was Nikolay Kalashnikov, but don't worry it's all right, just the name has changed. 


It was indicative, well planned and directed punitive action which simply couldn't be carried out in the city without the knowledge of local elite. Yes, perhaps the elite did not know about the ultimate goals of this action, but she allowed it. Allowed in her city, where she owns everything for decades.

The most important mistake was that the forces of "anti-Maidan" were divided. Yes, most people were tired of months of continuous "talking" and "round dances", but in General "Antimaydan" could stand up for itself.

It was divided by numerous leaders. The part left on 411 battery, call Trukhanov, others stayed at the House of trade unions, and others took the fight to the Greek, and the fourth just didn't come to help, seeing the silos. Just divide and conquer, don't you think?

But Kulikovo field is located directly opposite the railway station, and the bulk of the "guests" were centrally brought there by a separate train from Kharkov. 1500 "fans" just couldn't get off the train, sabavshvo, and such precedents in Ukraine were already.

According to reports, 397 people were killed in Odessa. This figure includes all those who died in Greek, those who died in the house of trade unions, and those who were killed within a few days, catching in the city, and those who died from their injuries. And this figure became known from several sources only now, just on the eve of a new round of tension in Odessa. The anti-fascist movement has learned a bitter lesson at the cost of the lives of hundreds of people – what are any agreements with the corrupt authorities.

Material taken from the site www.naspravdi.info