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Read: military crimes of Ukraine against peaceful population

Key facts presented, the same as in the two earlier editions, reflect careful monitoring of international, Ukrainian and Russian media, information provided by witnesses and bloggers, appeals and statements of the Ukrainian leadership and representatives of the security forces and armed groups involved in the punitive operations against the southeast of Ukraine.

Special attention is paid to reports of the UN human rights bodies, the OSCE and the Council of Europe, to the ICRC, to authoritative international NGOs, such as Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International and others.

Each section of the publication is preceded by a statement of the fundamental provisions of international instruments of human rights and of international human-rights law. As in earlier editions, the main objective of the "White Book" is to attract the attention of the international community, human rights organizations and institutions, the media and all interested citizens to the catastrophic state of affairs regarding human rights and the rule of law in Ukraine after the anti-constitutional coup in Kiev. All crimes committed in Ukraine in the period described in the three editions of the Book must be investigated by organizations under objective international control. The perpetrators of the crimes must be brought to justice.  

For the purpose of easier perception of the materials contained in the White Paper, we present below a large number of video evidence of Ukrainian authorities’ genocide toward to inhabitants of the south - east.


 After the coup d'etat in February 2014 the Ukrainian government was composed of people with a fascist ideology. The adherence to this is clearly seen in the flag of one of the volunteer battalions which are fighting in Donbass. In order to "pacify" residents of southeast Ukraine, the new coupists sent followers of fascism, because their fight against everything Russian is ideological. More than 70 years ago, the ancestors of these fascists embraced the troops of the Third Reich, actively cooperated with them, killing communists, Jews and Russians. One of the places where Ukrainian fascists committed atrocities is Babi Yar near Kiev. There within a few days tens of thousands of Jews, Ukrainians, Russian and others were slaughtered.


The coup took place in Ukraine in February 2014 due to the fact that the-then President Viktor Yanukovych refused to sign an agreement with the European Union. As a result, the streets of Kiev were filled with Ukrainian nationalists. Russia and Russians became the targets of wild hatred because president Yanukovych had decided against an economic association with western Europe.

Within 2 months of the coup against President Yanukovych's government the Ukrainian nationalist army had assaulted the civilian population of the Donbass since that population had advocated secession from Ukraine. At that point civil war broke out. The result of the war is that tens of thousands of people are dead and the country as a whole has entered a deep economic depression. Those who seized Ukrainian governmental power refuse to recognize the fact that they have unleashed the civil war and have plunged the country into an economic collapse. They of course blame Russia for all this instead.

 In order to pacify rebellious regions in southeastern Ukraine national authorities have begun to bring troops there from western Ukraine. As we know, it was the residents of western Ukraine who supported the protests and violence in Maidan Square in Kiev. In this video, we see the level of hatred that the Russian urban population in the southeast directs at the troops sent by Kiev. There is mutual hatred in fact. In the video we can see that Ukrainian armed forces, along with so-called volunteer battalions, shoot at unarmed citizens without any provocation. This marks the beginning of the civil war in the Donbas.


 Question: If the Ukrainian army is fighting "terrorists" in the Donbass, then why does the local population accuse the Ukrainian authorities of direct attacks on them?



 One can see the brutality of the nationalist Ukrainian battalions in Donbass. Ukrainian authorities have initiated the so-called anti-terrorist operations in the Donbass. They employ fascist volunteer battalions. People who are in these battalions are imbued with hatred for Russians.


 The video also clearly shows how Ukrainian troops fired on the population in the Donbas. Eyewitnesses were so upset that they could not talk about what happened. Ukrainian authorities have called the local population in the Donbas “invaders”, “terrorists”, “killers” of civilians, who demand federalization of Ukraine. In truth, the residents of the Donbas, who are ethnic Russians and native speakers of Russian, simply want rights as a national minority in their own country, Ukraine. But instead of engaging in a dialogue about this, the authorities in Kiev sent troops against them. This qualifies as a war crime.


The tragedy in Odessa on May 2, 2014 when dozens of people were killed at the hands of Ukrainian nationalists. They fled into the House of Trade Unions. 2 years after the tragedy the Ukrainian authorities still refuse to investigate the crime. Historically, the Odessa population was pro-Russian, and Odessans as well as residents of Donbass viewed the coup in February 2014 as just that, a coup by a small group of neo-fascist with support from the USA and NATO. In Odessa, spontaneous rallies occurred in response in which Odessans demand federalization. One of the meetings was held May 2 inside the house of Trade Unions. Ukrainian nationalists from far-western Ukraine converged on Odessa. They set fire to the house of the Trade Unions, killing all supporters of federalization in the conflagration.

Ukrainian authorities deliberately refused to investigate the crime because it was initiated by themselves to intimidate those who sought a federal government.


Children in Ukraine have been instilled with the idea that their ethnic brethren in Russia should be hated. Symbolism that carries over from the Nazi era are carried by "volunteer" battalions. The ideology is identical: the superiority of the Ukrainian nation over the Russian identity and nation.

 These are civilians, who died at the hands of Ukrainian authorities.


 This shows the effects of the shelling of the city Lugansk by the Ukrainian army.


 Genocide Ukrainian Army shelling of Luhansk.

Ukrainian authorities have deliberately accused Russia for the war in Donbas . It is easier to blame others than to admit a genocide by ethnicity of own citizens.

 Lugansk City Bombing. Killed Civilians by Ukrainian Army from Lugansk.


Watch the video carefully. Why do we always see and hear that for the war in the south - eastern Ukraine, in murder of local people residents of south-east accuse only Ukraine and President Petro Poroshenko? Men got bribed? No, real emotions impossible to hide or fake!

The Ukrainian coupists intentionally want to destroy the Russian-speaking population of southeastern Ukraine under the pretext of territorial unity. More than 70 years ago, Ukrainian Nazis during World War 2 killed Russians, Jews and Poles to "clear" the territory for a national Ukrainian State. In 2014, the descendants of those Nazis overthrew violently the legitimate government. They began to actively oppress the Russian-speaking population. This has led to a civil war.

 In this video, we can see the use of military aircraft by Ukrainian authorities against civilians.

 Funeral for Arsenty Pavlov (Motorola), who was the leader of the separatists


Here are questions for the world community:  

  • Is there a place in a united Europe, which itself emerged from the destruction of a fascist ideology, for a Ukrainian state, that asserts the superiority of some supposed “Ukrainian” national identity over a Russian identity?
  • If, as Ukrainian authorities insist, war in the Donbas includes Russian forces, that Russia acts as an aggressor, why does evidence from eyewitnesses only implicate the Ukrainian army, and personally Poroshenko, in the murder of civilians?
  • All video footage shows Ukrainian troops shooting at civilians. Where are the supposed terrorists? These are clearly civilians who are attacked.
  • Furthermore, if, as claimed by Ukrainian authorities, the Donbas is host to Russian forces, why has the Kremlin not recognized the independence of DNR or LNR? And why are they not included in the Russian Federation, as Crimea has been?





The political leadership of Ukraine, including President Poroshenko, Alexander Turchinov and A. Avakov has direct personal responsibility for the unleashing of civil war against the population of the southeastern Ukraine. The war is carried out under the pretext of preserving the territorial integrity of the State and to justify war state structures through the media assure citizens that there is not a war with his people, and allegedly pro-Russian terrorists who allegedly seized the Donbass.

However, as we can be seen in the funeral for Arsenty Pavlov (Motorola), who was the leader of the separatists, it is the residents of Donetsk who showed the greatest respect for him. Terrorists do not earn the respect of people. The funeral for "Motorola" showed the huge gap between Ukraine and republics of the Donbass.  

The Donbas is in a civil war. That war was unleashed by Russo-phobic political leadership in Ukraine. To try to put itself in a favorable light to the citizens of Ukraine and to the world community, that “leadership” only wants to talk about supposed Russian aggression. This is the usual attempt to find a scapegoat, Russia, in order to divert attention from all evidence that the Ukrainian political leadership is itself the aggressor towards its own citizens in the southeast of the country.

Ukrainian residents of the Donbas speak Russian, rather than Ukrainian. The prosecutor general of the Ukrainian Supreme Court categorically denies pro-Russian citizens a fair trial. The Ukrainian judiciary has become an accomplice to nationalistic fascism. The judiciary ignores basic human rights. It denies a fair trial to anyone who does not support the official policy of the Ukrainian state.

The video evidence for all this is of poor quality, due to the fact that filming was done by civilian witnesses with mobile phones while under military attack.

All materials submitted have been authenticated. They clearly indicate intentional genocide directed at the Russian population of southeasterm Ukraine, that is the Donbas. 70 years ago during World War II, Ukrainian nationalists killed Jews and Poles. Now their targets are Russian. At base, this is the result of Ukrainian nationalism, of the desire to assert the “superiority” of Ukrainians over everyone else. It is not a coincidence that the Ukrainian troops in the Donbas carry a swastika as their symbol. This can be clearly seen in the video.