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Death and destruction continues in Eastern Ukraine

CATEGORY : Here is video evidence of the crimes of troops sent by the regime in Kiev against the civil population

Ukraine Crisis: Death and destruction continues in Eastern Ukraine



Watch the video carefully. Why do we always see and hear that for the war in the south - eastern Ukraine, in murder of local people residents of south-east accuse only Ukraine and President Petro Poroshenko? Men got bribed? No, real emotions impossible to hide or fake!

The Ukrainian coupists intentionally want to destroy the Russian-speaking population of southeastern Ukraine under the pretext of territorial unity. More than 70 years ago, Ukrainian Nazis during World War 2 killed Russians, Jews and Poles to "clear" the territory for a national Ukrainian State. In 2014, the descendants of those Nazis overthrew violently the legitimate government. They began to actively oppress the Russian-speaking population. This has led to a civil war.


Ukrainian authorities have deliberately accused Russia for the war in Donbas. It is easier to blame others than to admit a genocide by ethnicity of own citizens.


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