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Ukraine Crisis Today: Democracy caught on camera (Mass murder at the heart of Europe)

CATEGORY : Here is video evidence of the crimes of troops sent by the regime in Kiev against the civil population

Ukraine Crisis Today: Democracy caught on camera (Mass murder at the heart of Europe) Rebirth of Fascism in its purest form in today's Ukraine. Over 900,000 Ukrainians have already left the country within 2 months of EuroMaidan and fled to Russia. 2,500 fled to Belarus. This is just the beginning.

The tragedy in Odessa on May 2, 2014 when dozens of people were killed at the hands of Ukrainian nationalists. They fled into the House of Trade Unions. 2 years after the tragedy the Ukrainian authorities still refuse to investigate the crime. Historically, the Odessa population was pro-Russian, and Odessans as well as residents of Donbass viewed the coup in February 2014 as just that, a coup by a small group of neo-fascist with support from the USA and NATO. In Odessa, spontaneous rallies occurred in response in which Odessans demand federalization. One of the meetings was held May 2 inside the house of Trade Unions. Ukrainian nationalists from far-western Ukraine converged on Odessa. They set fire to the house of the Trade Unions, killing all supporters of federalization in the conflagration.

Ukrainian authorities deliberately refused to investigate the crime because it was initiated by themselves to intimidate those who sought a federal government.



Watch the video carefully. Why do we always see and hear that for the war in the south - eastern Ukraine, in murder of local people residents of south-east accuse only Ukraine and President Petro Poroshenko? Men got bribed? No, real emotions impossible to hide or fake!

The Ukrainian coupists intentionally want to destroy the Russian-speaking population of southeastern Ukraine under the pretext of territorial unity. More than 70 years ago, Ukrainian Nazis during World War 2 killed Russians, Jews and Poles to "clear" the territory for a national Ukrainian State. In 2014, the descendants of those Nazis overthrew violently the legitimate government. They began to actively oppress the Russian-speaking population. This has led to a civil war.


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