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Required reading: photocopies of documents related to the Malaysian Airlines flight, a Boeing 777 aircraft, shot down on July 17, 2014 over Ukraine

Dear editorial staff:


Enclosed are photocopies of secret documents from the Security Service of Ukraine, which clearly show that the Ukrainian military deliberately shot down the Boeing 777 on July 17, 2014 over the Donetsk region of Ukraine. These are photocopies of the original documents. They also clearly show how the government of Ukraine has attempted to destroy any evidence of its war crimes.

Most of the documents, judging by the holes made by a hole-punch, were extracted from files, and then photographed. Orders, coded telegrams, plans and orders are recorded on the official trident-crowned, official forms of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU), as well as on ordinary sheets of paper in A4 page size. They contain signatures, resolutions, seals. I was able to gain access into the bureaucracy of Ukrainian "secret” security forces. The documents are sufficient to cause an international scandal that will bring the President of Ukraine, Poroshenko, and his generals, to the dock of the tribunal in The Hague as war criminals.

The first four photocopies alone lead to three initial conclusions. First: the individuals who overthrew the elected president of Ukraine, Yanukovych, are responsible for shooting down the Malaysian Airlines flight. President Poroshenko and his generals hide the truth about this and have lied about the matter for 3 years. Second: Ukraine's military air force authority was involved in the plane crash. Third: in order to erase evidence of the crime, the SBU, starting in July 2014, took specific measures to destroy any documentation of the operation and to dispose of any materials that might reveal the presence of Ukrainian combat aircraft in the vicinity of the Malaysian Airlines plane on July 17, 2014.

There were dozens of people involved in the combat mission. The facts regarding what occurred can likely be verified through many more witnesses, who were privy to the operation, amongst personnel in the Ukrainian military. We hope that sooner or later these witnesses will publicly reveal what they know.

The documents, which show the order to destroy the evidence of the aircraft’s downing, are attached in chronological order. Photocopies of the originals are accompanied by a translation into English. According to one document, the order to destroy evidence was given three days after the Malaysian Airlines aircraft was downed, that is on July 20, 2014. It was on that same day that the First Deputy Chairman of the Security Service, Colonel-General V. S. Gritsak, approved, to quote, “a plan for counter-intelligence and for operational measures by the Security Service of Ukraine on 20.07. 2014 No. 1 / 1-837. " DKK are the initials of the Department of Counterintelligence of the Security Service.

RUS: Подумайте:

  • ·почти все материалы о том как и кто сбил пассажирский боинг, следовавший в Малайзию предоставила служба безопасности Украины. Служба безопасности Украины заинтересована обвинить во всем Россию, т.к. Украина находится в военном противостоянии с Россией;
  • ·самолет был сбит ракетой 1986 года выпуска. Россия активно обновляет свое вооружение, уничтожая старые ракеты, боеприпасы, оружие. Украина полностью пользуется оружием доставшимся после СССР. Поэтому вероятность того, что ракета принадлежала Украине выше, чем России. В России просто уже нет старых боеприпасов; 
  • ·если пассажирский самолет сбили военные специалисты из России, то они разве так тупы, что не понимали, что сбивают именно пассажирский самолет летящий на высоте 10 километров. Это был осознанный удар по пассажирскому самолету. 
  • ·Зачем России и пророссийским сепаратистам на Донбассе сбивать пассажирский самолет? Вооруженные силы Украины могли специально сбить боинг Малайзии, чтобы показать сепаратистов Донбасса как террористов, которые идут на любые преступления. А признание сепаратистов Донбасса мировым сообществом как террористов позволило бы Украинским властям получить разрешение на любые убийства, действия якобы против террористов; 
  • ·Почему следственная группа отказалась принять в свои ряды представителей России? Почему в следственную группу не пустили специалистов из России? Может для того, чтобы было проще обвинить Россию в том, что она якобы сбила пассажирский самолет?
  • ·Почему уже через пару часов после трагедии стали утверждать, что самолет сбили именно российские специалисты?! Ведь не было еще даже расследования причин трагедии, на что уходят порой несколько месяцев. А обвинили во всем именно Россию уже через пару часов. Откуда такая точная информация?!
  • ·Надо помнить, что в это время в зоне боевых действий на Донбассе находились и украинские Буки, т.е. ракетные установки для уничтожения самолетов! Украина это не признает, чтобы отвести все подозрения против себя.

Прежде чем обвинять сепаратистов Донбасса в том, что они сбили самолет нужно ответить только на один вопрос: кому это выгодно? 

ENG: Think:

  • ·almost all the evidence about how and who shot down the Malaysian Airlines passenger aircraft were provided by the security service of Ukraine. The Security Service's interest is solely to blame Russia for everything, because Ukraine is in a military confrontation with Russia;
  • ·the plane was shot down by a 1986 missile. Russia is actively updating its weaponry, destroying old missiles, ammunition and all other weapons. Ukraine still uses weapons inherited from the former USSR. Therefore, the likelihood that the rocket belonged to Ukraine is higher than that it was Russian. There are no weapons that old left in Russia;
  • ·if a passenger plane was shot down by military experts from Russia, it is impossible that they would not be aware that it was a passenger airplane flying at 10,000 meters. It was a deliberate action against a passenger plane.
  • ·Why should Russia and pro-Russian separatists in the Donbas shoot down a passenger plane? The Ukrainian armed forces could intentionally have shot down the Malaysia Airlines aircraft specifically to implicate separatists as terrorists who commit such crimes. If the separatists were then considered to be terrorists by the world community, the world community might then allow Ukrainian military forces to treat all separatists as terrorists.
  • ·Why did the investigating team refuse to accept representatives from Russia?
  • ·Without Russian expertise might it then be easier to accuse Russia of hooting down a passenger plane?
  • ·Why, within a couple of hours after the tragedy, Ukrainian authorities asserted that it was the Russian operatives who had shot down the plane?  At that time no investigation into the cause of the tragedy would even have started. Needless to say, it takes several months to conduct an adequate investigation. Yet Russian operatives were blamed for everything within hours of the event.
  • ·It is important to note that at the time of the downing of the aircraft, Ukrainian Buki were in the combat zone, that is, rocket launchers capable of downing aircraft. Ukraine has refused to acknowledge this fact.

One has to consider what party benefits from these events, rather than immediately blame the separatists in eastern Ukraine for the action.


The original documents on Boeing without "Absolutely Secretly" (rus: газета "Совершенно секретно") seals can be found/requested in the "Absolutely Secretly" newspaper office.

=== Document No. 1


Top Secret
(without supplement - for official
use only)
Copy №1

To Head of Office KRP
(KRP DKR is Office of counterintelligence search of
counterintelligence department – FLB)

Stamp: Security Service of Ukraine
Ref. No. 1/978 dated 22.07.2014

Resolution: <...> As part of the ATO in this territory of the Lugansk region I ask you to transfer the materials to the DKR SBU, Kiev.

V. Gritsak, 26.07.2014

Regarding the filing a case of the counterintelligence investigation "Katsap"

Based on the order of the Security Service of Ukraine from 02.09.2003 No. 0012 and the direction of the Head of SBU dated 05.08.2009 No. 3/1855 "On certain problem issues in the organization of work on counterintelligence cases" we inform that on July 22, 2014 regarding a citizen of Ukraine, the head of one of the state enterprises, the case of the counterintelligence investigation "Katsap" No. 1/1044 with the classification "intelligence activity of special services of foreign states, organizations, groups of persons against Ukraine" was filed by the counterintelligence department of the Security Service of Ukraine in Lugansk region. The reason for the initiating the SKP was the operational data obtained during the counterintelligence investigation in the problem areas of the Lugansk region, which indicates the presence of signs of involvement in the special services of RF and the destruction of the state system of Ukraine in the behavior and actions of the object.

From persons who confidentially cooperate with the Security Council of Ukraine, information on the presence of regular contacts of “Katsap” with representatives of the terrorist organization LNR was received. Namely the object periodically contacts <…>

In addition, “Katsap” conducts talks with representatives of the mass media of foreign countries (RF, the European Union) in which he indicates that he is a direct witness and has evidence of law violations by the Ukrainian army and aviation, namely of the shooting up of the civil aircraft in the sky 17.07.2014.

In daily activities he uses conspiracy methods, possibly has several national passports, periodically changes addresses of stay. These features of the behavior of the object further indicate his possible involvement in the national security services.

"Katsap" has stable connections among representatives of local authorities, law enforcement agencies and regulatory bodies of the region and accordingly has real opportunities to influence the environment and to obtain diverse intelligence information.

The information received indicates that "Katsap" probably owns information that can cause damage to the state and be used by the Russian national special service.

1. Plan of counterintelligence measures for SKP “Katsap” No. 1/1044, c/c No. 1, Identification No. 1/4 -2948 from 22.07.2014, secret, in 3 (three) sheets.

Head of Office SBU
for Lugansk region
colonel М. Grek «22» July 2014

As you can see, one high-ranking Ukrainian state official has come in view of officers of the Office SBU for Lugansk region conducting a special operation. A week after the Boeing wreckage, on July 22, the operational case "Katsap" was filed against him. As it follows from this document "Katsap" interested "безпеку" mainly because he "is a direct witness and has evidence of law violations by the Ukrainian army and aviation, namely of the shooting up of the civil aircraft in the sky 17.07.2014". We do not know yet what happened to this witness.

Document No. 2


Urgent Top Secret
(urgency mark) (classification)

Outgoing encrypted telegram No. 6130

From: Kiev, UKRP SBU
Destination: Lugansk
Recipient: Head of Office SBU for Lugansk region
Mr. Grek М.

Regarding the detention of witnesses
(in addition to ET No. 6138 from 24.07.2014)

In pursuance of the instructions of Head of the SBU "on the identification and detention of witnesses" of the incident occurred on July 17, 2014, near village Grabovo, Donetsk region, operative support of materials regarding a special operation in the territory of Donetsk and Lugansk regions is carried out by the Office KRP DKR .

It has been established that there are actually witnesses of the shooting up of the civil aircraft, some persons are identified and detained but at the same time the Office has received data that one of the servicemen who is located in the territory of the Lugansk region has videotaped this event.

In this regard, we ask you to identify and detain a person from among the military personnel who made a photo-video recording of the event.

In the future we ask you to report on the situation directly to the UKRP DKR of the Security Service of Ukraine.

Head of department No. 4 UKRP
DKR SB of Ukraine

colonel Kalchenko R.

The signature is correct cap. Vaskov S.S.
Subscription No. 073 24.07.2014

Executor Arrived at 17.00 24.07.2014
Vaskov S.S. Encrypted at 17.00 24.07.2014
UKRP _________________________________
(head department) (Signature of encrypting person)
Tel. No. 7-21 Special notebook No. 11 Page No. 27

As you remember some witnesses of the "shooting up of the civil craft" - inhabitants of settlements in the area of the plane crash - were shown by Russian mass media, on the day of the tragedy the locals heard explosions or saw fighters. But does anyone know about the fate of the Ukrainian soldier who took pictures of the attack of the military aircraft VSU against the Boeing flight MH17 and who was searched for by the Ukrainian counterintelligence on July 24? As our operational source told us - this man was called Vyacheslav, he had the rank of sergeant, served in one of the mortar element of ATO. Vyacheslav made photos of "shooting up of the civil craft" by using his smartphone Apple iPhone 4. (We hope to get these pictures - Ed.)

We speak about him in the past tense as the sergeant died and died under strange circumstances. Vyacheslav was shot by a sniper when he was out of the combat zone. At the same time Vyacheslav was the only junior rank among the senior officers surrounding him. His personal effects were immediately taken away by SBU officers, but the day before, as our source said, Vyacheslav managed to transfer photos to his acquaintance - commander of the mortar element of the military unit A1556, warrant officer Andrei Vladimirovich Drozd. (VRIO of commander of the m/u A1556 - Lieutenant Colonel I. Stakhiv, in the Russian transcription he most likely - Stakhov).

According to the same information, warrant officer Drozd as the commander of the mortar element received an order for uninterrupted mortar fire against the area where the Boeing fell. In addition, it is known that for some time he was in the hospital due to a wound in the leg.

We introduce all these details because warrant officer Andrei Drozd is a valuable witness and we hope very much that "preventive work" will not carried out with him, the same that was probably done with his colleague Vyacheslav killed by a sniper bullet. Lieutenant Colonel I. Stakhiv is also a valuable witness.

Document No. 3


Stamp: Top secret
Security Service of Ukraine Copy No. 1
Office of Inspector General
Ref. No. 1/1038

First deputy head
of the Security Service of Ukraine
Colonel General V.S. Gritsak
July 24, 2014

to the Plan for the main organizational, counterintelligence and special investigation measures of the Counterintelligence Department (site Lugansk city) of the SBU and special forces units ATO for the 2nd half of 2014.

1. Counteraction against intelligence activity
Together with DVKR (the Department of Military Counterintelligence – Ed.) of the SBU to establish (the 3rd quarter) intelligence centers of objects in the border territory that conduct technical and human intelligence against Ukraine, to ensure (during the 3rd quarter) the study of their personnel during the possible visit of Ukraine.
I.c.: Kondratyuk V.V.

1.2 Within the framework of the ATO in cooperation with the DKR SBU to carry out (during the 3rd quarter) technical penetration into the state bodies of the neighboring state (DNR), from whose position intelligence activities against Ukraine is being conducted.
I.c.: Kondratyuk V.V.

2. Blocking of intelligence actions of special services of RF, including carried out from the position of special services of the self-appointed DNR.

In cooperation with DVKR SBU for detection, documentation and termination of the intelligence activities of the Federal Security Service, which act from the positions of the armed units DNR against Ukraine, to enter (the 2nd half of year) into the personnel and agent network of the state security bodies DNR on the basis of revealed intelligence measures of the named foreign special service.
I.c.: Kondratyuk V.V.

3. In the line of counteracting the intelligence activity of the special services of RF.

Together with DBKR SBU to document and terminate (during the year) the activities of the special services of RF that operate under the cover of the military forces DNR as well as state and non-governmental structures that are located on the territory of Ukraine, but have the influence of the military forces of the special services of RF from the positions of DNR.
I.c.: Kondratyuk V.V.

4. In the line of counterintelligence protection in relation to state special operations conducted within the framework of the ATO in the interests of the state, as well as counterintelligence measures of foreign special services, prevention of actions on their part to the detriment of our state.

Together with DKR SBU, DVKR SBU, special divisions of the ATO for timely detection, prevention and termination of intelligence activities of foreign special services in the areas of conducting special operations to ensure the monitoring a foreign presence (Torez city, village Grabovo). Within the framework of the ATO to conduct special measures to destroy the facts of conducting the special operation. To obtain information about the presence of possible witnesses from among the residents of the district, the military and others. To use effective preventive measures.
I.c.: Kondratyuk V.V.

5. In the line of counteraction to the special services of RF.

Together with DKR SBU and DVKR SBU to identify (the 3rd quarter) persons from military personnel carrying out the transfer of information protected by the state, to receive the facts of their cooperation with representatives of the DNR residency. Based on the facts to detain them with further bringing to criminal responsibility.
I.c.: Kondratyuk V.V.

V. Kondratyuk
«24» July 2014

As you see in this secret document, the first deputy of the SBU and the head of the Anti-Terrorist Center of the SBU Colonel-General Vasily Gritsak directly and frankly gives the command "Attack" to carry out "special measures to destroy the facts of the special operation." And against witnesses - residents of the district, the military and others suggests "using effective preventive measures". Apparently, such measures were experienced by sergeant Vyacheslav killed by a sniper?

Document No. 4

Security Service of Ukraine Top secret
Office of Inspector General Copy No.1
28.07.2014 No. о/l-147

To Head of Department KR

Concerning the conduct of special operations

In pursuance of the instructions and orders of the Head of the Security Service of Ukraine, in accordance with the plan for the implementation of special operations conducted within the framework of the ATO in the territory of the Donetsk region (Grabovo village) I ask you to instruct the heads of the units of the Office of SBU in the Donetsk region and special units of the armed forces of Ukraine about destruction of any materials that indicate law violations by representatives of the armed forces of Ukraine.

In addition according to the plan of the main organizational, KR and ORZ (counterintelligence and special investigation measures - Ed.) DKR SB of Ukraine from 20.07.2014 No. 1 / 1-837 approved by the First Deputy Head of the Security Service of Ukraine Colonel General Gritsak V. S. to implement:

- effective preventive measures among the witnesses of the special operation on July 17, 2014 (to identify and detain witnesses of civil aircraft explosion);

- to regroup the servicemen who discharged of their official duties in the territory of the village Grabovo, Donetsk region;

- as part of a special operation to destroy all materials that indicate the presence of combat aircraft and carrying out combat missions in the specified area on July 17, 2014;

- to carry out preventive measures and rotation of servicemen of the air squadron, who made flights in the specified area. In particular, the servicemen of the Aviation Brigade No. A-4104, Chuguev city, Kharkov region.

Head of the Office of Inspector General А. Kalyuzhnyak


«To destroy all materials indicated the presence of combat aircraft and carrying out combat missions in the specified area on July 17, 2014». Signature. Seal. Is it not a personally signed verdict for cynical concealment, covering traces of one of the most terrible crimes of the 21st century?

The Office of Inspector General is the structural unit having the highest position in the hierarchy of the Security Service of Ukraine. This Office is entrusted with overseeing the implementation of all significant orders of the SBU leadership. Orders and decrees of the Office are binding. The Head of the Office of Inspector General, General Kalyuzhnyak submitted directly to Head of the SBU Valentin Nalivaichenko. And Nalivaichenko - to President Poroshenko.


It is not incurious to look if not in the eyes then on the biography of those high-ranking officials of the SBU who gave these criminal orders.

Gritsak Vasily Sergeevich (Грицак Василь Сергійович) - 1967 year of birth. After the service rendered to Petr Poroshenko in destroying the evidence testified about the fighters carried out the combat mission on July 17, 2014 near the village of Grabovo, the career of Vasily Gritsak was on the rise more sharply. On July 2, 2015, he was appointed Head of the SBU in place of Nalivaichenko. On March 25, 2016 he obtained the rank of General of Ukrainian Army.

Gritsak began the service in 1990 in the organs of the KGB of the USSR in the rank of sergeant. Since then, he grew up to the head of the Main Office of the SBU for the Kiev city and the Kiev region and further in December 2009 he was appointed the first deputy Head of the SBU - the head of the Main Office "K" (anti-corruption). In March 2010 Gritsak was unexpectedly dismissed from the SBU but without exception from muster. For four years he headed the body guard of the oligarch-confectioner Petr Poroshenko. When Poroshenko became president, on July 7, 2014 the lifeguard Gritsak was returned to the SBU. Gritsak was in the post of first deputy head of the SBU and the head of the Anti-Terrorist Center at the SBU when he solved the problem of Boeing. As it is noted by "RBC-Ukraine", General Gritsak is considered "one hundred percent man of President Poroshenko".

Kalyuzhnyak Anatoly (Анатолій Калюжняк) - 1962 year of birth. Head of the Office of Inspector General of the SBU. The author of the unforgettable idea of "effective preventive measures" against witnesses. He was born in Khmelnitsky region, in 1988 he graduated from the Kharkov Law Institute. In 1990 he joined the KGB of the USSR. He held the post of deputy head of the anti-corruption department of the Khmelnitsky regional office of the USB. In 2005 in the rank of colonel he became the head of the Kremenchug office of the SBU.

In April 2012 he was appointed deputy head of the main office "K" of the SBU. In early 2014, Kalyuzhnyak was deputy head of the Office of Inspector General of the SBU. He was in this position when he gave testimony at a sitting of the provisional investigative commission of the Verkhovnaya Rada in April 2014 regarding the mass murder on Maydan. He is married. He has two children. He will have something to tell the children.

Kondratyuk Valiry Vitalyevich (Кондратюк Валерій Віталійович) - 1970 year of birth. Probably most of all benefits as result of the special operation (after Gritsuk) were received by the head of the counter-intelligence department of the SBU General Kondratyuk. It was him who was instructed in the framework of the ATO "to conduct special measures to destroy the facts of the special operation." A year after the "clearing" on July 27, 2015 he was appointed the head of the Main Intelligence Office of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense throw the presidential decree. And a year later, on October 15, 2016, Poroshenko made Kondratyuk to the deputy head of the Ukrainian presidential administration.

Valery Kondratyuk graduated from the Kiev higher combined arms command school named after M.V. Frunze in 1991. He served in the SBU until he was kicked away. As the Ukrainian journalist Vladimir Boyko said Kondratyuk was exposed by the Internal Security Office of the SBU as an agent of the USA special services. However, after the events on Maidan he was returned to the SBU (the fact that was early considered as betrayal, now is an honorary entry in the biography. Let’s remember that Gritsak was also cleared out of the counterintelligence agents in 2010, and now he is even the head of the SBU.)

Grek Mikhail. This is the colonel who organized a round-up against "Katsap" - the witness who has evidence of law violation by the Ukrainian army and aviation, namely the shooting up of the civilian aircraft."

Head of the Verkhovnaya Rada Aleksandr Turchinov appointed him to the head of the Office SBU for the Lugansk region throw his Decree No. 413/2014 from April 15, 2014. Heretofore Grek worked as deputy head of the Office SBU for the Lvov region. We repeat that we do not know the destiny of "Katsap" yet.

Kalchenko R. – Colonel, Head of department No. 4 UKRP DKR SB of Ukraine
(Office of Counterintelligence Search of the Counter-Intelligence Department). The person who sent all his work-related zeal to "the identification and detention of witnesses of the shooting up of the civil aircraft". We have a little information about Colonel Kalchenko. But it is interesting that after the "Boeing" he apparently managed to show up in another "Hague" case. In September 2014, Kalchenko was mentioned among persons involved in the organization of the illegal prison of the SBU (it is located near Kiev, in the territory of the penal battalion of the military unit. M/u is located near Vodokanal, near the military unit there is a large shooting range).

We recall that in May 2016 the Report of the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights appeared suggested that the SBU is involved in unlawful detention of people, cruel treatment against them and even tortures. The report noted the use of secret places of detention by Ukrainian secret services in which prisoners are subjected to bullying and humiliation. On May 25, 2016 the delegation of the UN Subcommittee on Prevention of Torture suspended its work on the territory of Ukraine, the reason was the failure of the SBU to provide the UN representatives access to places of detention.


The Malaysian Boeing 777-2H6ER board 9M-MRD performed the daily flight MH17 Amsterdam-Kuala-Lumpur disappeared from the radar screens at 48°02'25" north latitude and 38°46'22" east longitude - this is approximately 50 km from the Ukrainian-Russian border, not far from the small town Torez. The catastrophe occurred on July 17, 2014, at 16:20 Kiev time or 17:20 Moscow time. The liner had to cross the Russian border approximately at 17:25 MSK.

The Ukrainian Independent News Agency (UNIAN) was one of the first mass media reported the information about the accident. It should be noted that the owner of UNIAN the oligarch Igor Kolomoisky financed the flight service of Dnepropetrovsk which “guided” Boeing until the last second of the flight. The establishment of Kolomoisky's control over all flight services in southeastern Ukraine began to occur after the arrival in Kiev in April 2014 of CIA director John Brennan. A month before the tragedy there was a seizure of "Ukr Avia Ru", a criminal case was opened against the chief dispatcher of Ukraine Yury Chernichenko. Poroshenko elected as president signs an order to dismiss Chernichenko the next day.

The first report on the plane crash was made at 18:12 (Kiev time) with reference to information in social networks: "According to recent reports of the "Information Resistance" to the north of Torez a passenger airplane fell. At 16:20 communications disappeared between the ground services in Kiev and Rostov with the Malaysia Airlines airliner performed the Amsterdam-Kuala Lumpur flight. "

The group "Information Resistance" is in fact the name of the virtual page of blogger Dmitry Timchuk, a former carrier soldier of Ukraine worked for the SBU. (Now Timchuk is a deputy of the Verkhovnaya Rada.) At 18:37 the group "Information Resistance" reported that "security officials from the ATO forces do not have air defense facilities in the area of the operation."

At 18:47 minutes on the official website of the president of Ukraine appears the statement of Petr Poroshenko, it was in particular said: "...We emphasize that the Armed Forces of Ukraine did not take any actions to fire targets in the air."

At 21:12 UNIAN reports with a new link to Timchuk's blog: "According to the recent reports of the group "Information Resistance" a column of terrorists was noted today at about 13:30 in the area of settlement Snezhnoe. The column consisted of 3 tanks, 2 armored personnel carriers, a truck with hit men and a truck with a large-caliber machine gun installed. And also - an automobile tractor with a carriage on which the air defense system "Buk" was transported. The column moved in the direction of settlement Dmitrovka."

And already at 23:46 UNIAN quotes the American The Wall Street Journal: "Intelligence service of USA confirms that the Malaysian airplane was shot down by a ground-to-air missile.” So the story about the Russian "Buk" began to walk the world...

... The aircraft wreckage was scattered on an area of about 50 square km, on a length of more than 10 km and a width of 5 km. The search area included the settlements Moskovskoe, Rassypnoe, Grabovo, Stryukovo and Grabovskoye water storage reservoir. Not far from the Rasypnoye a forebody was found, near Grabovo - the central and tail sections. Most of the wreckage was about 8.5 km from the last point recorded by radars. 298 people died, of them 283 passengers: citizens of Netherlands - 193, Malaysia - 43, Australia - 27, Indonesia - 12, Great Britain - 10, Germany - 4, Belgium - 4, Philippines - 3, Canada - 1, New Zealand - 1.

… The Ukrainian part ignored the proposal of DNR on the 10-kilometer ceasefire zone around the crash area. (Remember, in particular, the mortar element of warrant officer Andrei Drozd, military unit A1556)

... The first operation for removing the aircraft wreckage began only on November 4, 2014. Almost half a year “Grads”, mortars and howitzers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine non-stop hammered a 50-kilometer space on which the remains of the airliner were scattered or more accurately material evidence of the killing of three hundred people.
Was the operation of the SBU "Clearing" successful? We do not think so. The investigation of the newspaper "Soverschenno sekretno" "We uncover a secret of Boeing MH17 wreckage" continues.



Document No. 5

Translation in English: For official use only. Copy No. 1:

For official use only
Copy No. 1

Вorder guard of Ukraine
Main processing center for special information
Resolution of V. Gritsak: To act. 26.07.2014
For No. 2/1/1-1296 from 20.07.2014

According to the paragraph 23 of the Regulations on date base "Information about crossing of the Ukrainian state border" approved by the order of Administration of State border guard of Ukraine from 25.06.2007 No. 472, registered in Justice ministry on 05.07.2007 under No. 765/14032 the information regarding an illegal crossing of the Ukrainian state border from Russian Federation, namely movement of an air defense system "Buk M-1" is not captured.

Head of Main processing center
for special information
colonel A.V. Palamarchuk

Why did the center for processing special information of the State Border Service of Ukraine send a letter of inquiry to the Security Service of Ukraine three days after the downing of the Boeing 777, flight MH17 of Malaysian Airlines?

A source from the center explains the origin of the letter as follows: "The leadership of the Border Guard Service instructed Colonel Palamarchuk to inform the SBU about the true state of affairs regarding movement of a BUK M-1 missile system across the Russian-Ukrainian border from the Russian Federation into Ukrainian territory". The colonel was well aware of the "official version" from the government in Kiev. He was afraid that any objective information that he would provide would be repressed and that he himself would face consequences for objective reporting. Palamarchuk tried to avoid reporting until the last moment. However, he had to respond to the order from higher-ups: to provide objective, reliable information. It is possible that the letter is part of some "working agreement" between the SBU and the Border Guard Service of Ukraine. The guard service is the governmental entity with responsibility for the plane crash. The Ukrainian border guard may not have wanted to accept that responsibility.

This letter, labeled “DSP”, indicating the main information processing center for special information of the State Border Service of Ukraine, renders meaningless the version of events concluded by the international commission of inquiry in the Netherlands. That commission as of April 2015 states that in its opinion the only cause for the plane crash was a missile from the Russian BUK missile system.

The relevant witness is Colonel A.V. Palamarchuk, who, on instructions from his leadership, sent a report to the SBU stating that the allegation of a Russian BUK missile system on Ukrainian territory is a myth.

It should be noted that this is not the first time that the Ukrainian armed forces have shot down a civilian airliner. Before this event, on October 4, 2001, a Siberia Airlines airliner Tu-154M, flight SBI1812 following the route from Tel Aviv Israel to Novosibirsk Russian Federation crashed 1 hour and 45 minutes after take-off. It fell into the Black Sea. All 78 people on board (66 passengers and 12 crew members) were killed. It was shot down by the air defense forces of Ukraine by mistake during military exercises. Now 13 years later, history repeats itself with another plane, the Malaysian flight.



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The original. Part 3 «On the day when the Boeing was shot down»


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