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On the day when the Boeing was shot down

"I order to secure the aircraft to the pilots for the period of the flight on July 17, 2014". "They flew to execute the mission No. 1 of destroying air targets somewhere to the area of Toreza-Snezhnoe." "The mission Nr. 1 is fulfilled."

"Two months ago the newspaper "Sovershenno sekretno" began to search for real guilty persons of the shooting of the Malaysian Boeing on the basis of "newly discovered circumstances". The newly discovered circumstances were copies of the documents received from our "Source N." who carried out a complex and dangerous work together with his colleagues to "take out" the secret materials of the SBU and MO of Ukraine and to document the facts of their crimes. In the article «To destroy the facts of conducting a special operation». Operation of the SBU "Clearing". Part 1.

Which was prepared jointly with the Agency for Federal Investigations FLB.ru we published the copies of four secret documents of the Security Service of Ukraine which demonstrated that immediately after the Boeing 777 wreckage the SBU conducted a state special operation to destroy the evidence of the mass murder in the sky over the Donbass on July 17, 2014. Then we published a certificate of the Main Processing Center for Special Information of the State Border Guard of Ukraine which indicated that "Crossing of the Ukrainian state border through Buk M-1 from Russian Federation is not captured." The operation "The Buk Legend". Part 2.

What kind of facts did the employees of the "secret police" of Kiev want to clear out? In one of the top secret documents signed by the head of the Office of Inspector General of the SBU Anatoly Kalyuzhnyak it was quite definitely said: "As part of a special operation, to destroy all materials that indicate the presence of the combat aircraft and carrying out combat missions in the specified area on July 17, 2014; To carry out preventive measures and rotation of servicemen of the air squadron who made flights in the specified area. In particular, the servicemen of the Aviation Brigade No. A-4104, Chuguev city, Kharkov region.”

So, the Chuguev city, m/u А4104, the aircraft carried out combat missions in the area of Boeing wreckage on July 17, 2014. The traces guide to the airfield "Chuguev", the 203th training aviation brigade is based here which is a part of the Kharkov University of the Air Force of Ukraine named after Ivan Kozhedub. In 2014, Chuguev training was centrally subordinated to the "northern" - the Command of the Air Force of Ukraine (Vinnitsa).

"Today the aviation of ATO forces did not go up in the air at all - neither helicopters nor aircraft nor fighters." Do you remember? This statement was made by the head of the ATO informing group Vladislav Seleznyev and was spread by the agency Interfax-Ukraine on the day of the tragedy on July 17 at about eight in the evening. At our disposal there are several documents (a flight map, two orders, audio recordings with servicemen of the m/u A4104) which refute this primitive lie that became the official position of the Kiev authorities. We do not consider these documents as impeccable but we know from words of our “Source N.” that these photocopies "were definitely borrowed for a while and copied directly at the m/u staff and conversations with the servicemen were recorded as a result of an undercover operational approach to them". In any case, if the world wants to find out the truth about the death of 298 passengers and aircrew members of the Boeing in the sky over the Donbass, these documents and evidence should be studied by an objective investigation. Or is everyone satisfied by the Ukrainian-Netherlands fairy tale with American tunes about "Russian Buk?


Translation of the document No. 1:
Secret, Copy 1.
Approved. July 16, 2014. Commander of m/u A4104 Colonel Dubovikh G.V.
Flight date: July 17, 2014.
Flight plan. No. 734.
General staff Kharkov region 13-27-3 M-37-B
Executed by: pilot of 299 BTA Air Force of Ukraine Captain Voloshin V. 16.07.2014.
(BTA – tactical aviation brigade – Ed.)
Flight ready: Chief of flying training of Air Force of Ukraine Kutsenkho R.

- What can you say about this flight map? - we asked Ruben Esayan, honored test pilot, Hero of Russia, head of the Flight Test Center of the State NII of Civil Aviation (GosNII GA).

- It is maid according to the standards. The flight route is specified, how it should fly. The marks 50, 210 and so on are the distance between the turning points.

We will revert to the comments of test pilot Esayan. Until then we say that you see a secret flight plan compiled and personally signed the day before the flight, on July 16, 2014, by the pilot of the 299 tactical aviation brigade Captain Vladislav Voloshin and approved by the commander of m/u 4104 Colonel Gennady Dubovik. There is a personal visa of Dubovik. In addition there is also the signature of the Chief of flight training Roman Kutsenko. (We mean that if wished all the signatures can be passed through the graphologic examination.)

According to this secret flight map, on July, 17 Voloshin's aircraft took off (or had to take off) from the airfield in Chuguev located near Kharkov and headed for southeast flying sequentially over the following settlements: Chuguev – Kremennaya (distance of 265 km), Kremennaya - Bryanka (125 km), Bryanka - Snezhnoe (100 km). The area of settlement Snezhnoe is the endpoint of the route at which the aircraft makes a sharp turn by 300 degrees and returns to the airbase leaving Konstantinovka (215 km) and Balakleya (210 km). The total route length amounted to 965 kilometers.

We all know the consequences of what happened in the sky in the Gorlovka area along the route of the fighter Voloshin (Snezhnoe-Konstantinovka). The routes of the Boeing 777 and the combat aircraft almost converge exactly in this square.

Look at the trajectory diagram of the Boeing flight presented four days after the tragedy, on July 21, by the head of the Main Operations Directorate of the General Staff of RF Andrey Kartapolov. And compare it with the route of the VSU aircraft. (See the diagram No. 1.3) "The diagram shows the international route over according to which Boeing 777 was supposed to fly. Please note that the aircraft moved to Donetsk in the established corridor and then it deviated from the route to the north. Herewith the maximum distance from the left border of the corridor was 14 kilometers. Later a maneuver is seen to return the Boeing 777 to the established corridor. But the Malaysian aircrew did not manage to finish the maneuver", - General Kartapolov explained at a briefing at that time

Now, comparing the flight plan No. 734 with the route of the civil aircraft deviated 14 km from the international air route, it can be imagined that it seemed specially to be led to a meeting with a combat vehicle.

Please note that we are not about to claim that the Boeing-777 was shot down exactly by the pilot 299 BTA VS of Ukraine Captain Voloshin. We are just saying - guys, here is a photocopy of the map (Secret, Copy 1), please explore it, recheck. This document is pulled out by hook or by crook from the secret unit m/u A4104. This is not cynical statements of the adviser to the head of SBU Markiyan Lubkovsky who said in December 2014

"As it was established, on July 17, 2014 the Ukrainian aviation was not applied in accordance with the ATO conduct plan. The information regarding the absence of Ukrainian combat aircraft in the area of the passenger aircraft crash is confirmed by the materials of the objective control of the radar data collection and processing system... Captain Voloshin did not take a flight and on July 16 (his aircraft) was put for repairs."

Well, how radically the information of "objective control and radar data" of the ministries of defense of Ukraine and Russia differ. Maybe the eternal world referees - Americans will help to establish the truth? Film director Oliver Stone in his recent film asks the question to President Putin "Does he think that US intelligence services can have information about the Boeing wreckage?" "I am convinced that it is so. ... If the information contradicts this, then they will never disclose it", - Putin replied. And, as you can see, the real information contradicts...

Why do we believe that the passenger Boeing was shot down not necessarily by the pilot Voloshin? Because on this terrible day the two more combat aircraft flew from Chuguev. This follows from the two orders of the commander of the military unit A4104, Colonel Dubovik. (These orders are from the same "case" that we received from our "Source N.").


Translation of Document No. 2

Ministry of Defense of Ukraine

of the commander of the military unit A4104

10.07.2014 Chuguev city No. 702

According to the second part of Article 45 of the Air Code of Ukraine, the point 6 of the Regulations on the Use of the Airspace of Ukraine approved by the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine from March 29, 2002 No. 401 (as amended). Law of Ukraine "On the Approval of the Rules for the Flights Implementation of State Aviation of Ukraine", Rules of Conducting Combat Flights and Conducting Operations, Plan for Flight Implementation in accordance with the order of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, the order of the commander of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine from 30.05.2014 No. 32/4/540 "regarding the combat missions execution and the flights implementation under the conditions of conducting an anti-terrorist operation, etc.”,


1. To use the airfield "Chuguev" as an airfield used by the state aviation of Ukraine during the conducting an anti-terrorist operation in the territory of the Northern region of Ukraine.
2. To carry out the technical inspection of the aircraft of state aviation assigned by the nomenclature of the military unit A4104 for use in the implementation of combat flights.
3. The aircraft of state aviation which were relocated from the airfields of Ukraine (Nikolaev, Melitopol) according to the Order of the Commander of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of the Ukraine from 02.07.2014 No. 32/4/837 "regarding the use of airfields during the conducting an anti-terrorist operation...", after their registration to carry out the technical inspection of the planes.
3. To carry out the organization of the performance of the flight support and operations of the aircraft as well as air traffic at the airfield "Chuguev" by elements of the military unit A4104.
5. The first deputy commander of the military unit, deputy commander of the unit –commander of the flying unit, Chief of staff shall be charged with supervising the execution of this order.
Commander of the military unit A4104
Colonel Dubovikh G.V.

The Order No. 702 indicates that, firstly, about a week before the accident it was decided to use the airfield "Chuguev", where the 203th training aviation brigade of the Kharkov University of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was based, for combat flights as part of an "anti-terrorist operation…" Secondly, aircraft were transferred from military airfields from Nikolaev (airfield Kulbakino, 299 BTA) and Melitopol to Chuguev.

And the second written order of the commander of the unit Colonel Gennady Dubovik issued on July 15, 2014 two days before the shooting of the Boeing indicates already the transition to the specific combat operations:

Translation of Document No. 3

Ministry of Defense of Ukraine

of the commander of the military unit A4104

15.07.2014 Chuguev City No. 734

According to Law of Ukraine "On the Approval of the Rules for the Flights Implementation of State Aviation of Ukraine", Rules of Conducting Combat Flights and Conducting Special Operations, Plan for Flight Implementation in accordance with the order of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, order of the commander of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine from 30.05.2014 No. 32/4/540 "regarding the combat missions execution and the flights implementation under the conditions of conducting an anti-terrorist operation, etc.”,


1. To secure the aircraft of the state aviation for a time of flight implementation 17.07.2014 to the pilots:

- Captian Voloshin V., SU-25M1 No. 08 (25508110284), second pilot Lieutenant Colonel Pomogaybo V.;
- Lieutenant Colonel Plohodko R., SU-27 No. 36 (19614), second pilot Soskovets I.;
- Major Ruchko I., MiG 29 MU1 No. 29 (2960731217), second pilot Major Sitnik G.

2. To carry out the technical inspection of the aircraft of state aviation SU-25M1 No. 08 (25508110284), SU-27 No. 36 (19614), MiG 29 MU1 No. 29 (2960731217) assigned by the nomenclature of the military unit A4104 for use in the implementation of combat flights.

3. To persons in charge - to prepare and provide flight plans and tables, fuel calculations, information on weather conditions. To carry out a medical examination and exercises on actions during extreme conditions while performing combat missions.

4. To execute the mission under the conditions of conducting an anti-terrorist operation in the territory of the Northern region of Ukraine.

5. The first deputy commander of the military unit, deputy commander of the unit –commander of the flying unit, Chief of staff, medical officer shall be charged with supervising the execution of this order.

Commander of the military unit A4104
Colonel Dubovik G.V.

By the way, the number of this order coincides with the number of the above-mentioned "Flight plan" for Captain Vladislav Voloshin, who the SU-25M1 attack aircraft with the side number "08" was secured to. The fighter-interceptors MiG-29 MU1 with the side No. 29 and the SU-27 No. 36 were to take off from the airfield Chuguev with him on July 17. The pilots of the main squad and their backups were named. It should be noted that Colonel Dubovik's order has only surnames but at the same time according to our source in other staff papers the surnames of the pilots flying on July 17 to execute the mission No. 1 were classified and changed to Evtushenko, Savitsky, Verkhovetsky, Vetlitsky...

According to the officer of the m/u A4104, who was contacted undercover, a combat fight for conducting a special operation to the area Toreza-Snezhnoye was implemented by the SU-27 plane. "The cloak mission: the air cargo plane Boeing transported humanitarian and military aids for the militia of LNR, DNP. The real mission: the destruction of the passenger aircraft." (We'll revert below to the evidence of this officer recorded on the recorder).

Unfortunately, we do not have yet flight plans for SU-27 and MiG-29 but we can imagine a combat operation in the air which simultaneously involves an attack aircraft and two fighter-interceptors.

When we showed a copy of the flight map and two orders to the honored test pilot Ruben Esayan, he noted that, of course, these documents should pass a consolidated examination but at the same time he said: "Just as I expected!”

- It is problematically for the SU-25 attack aircraft to catch up with the Boeing, in that case it should have been brought close to it. It would take him more time to catch up the goal. But the fighters SU-27 and MiG-29 are supersonic aircraft, they could quickly gain this height and catch up with the Boeing. These are air combat aircraft. I think that the Boeing MN17 is shot down by either MIG-29 or SU-27. Most likely it is the front-line fighter MiG-29 equipped with air target kill guns and missiles.

By the way, I aviated the Boeing 777, tested this aircraft in 1998 in the United States, in Seattle, for our airlines. It has a cruising speed of 900 km/h. At this speed you fly 60 kilometers in 4 minutes. The pilot who shot him down, he hurried, he was afraid that in 4 minutes the Boeing manage to break away. He hurried, he began earlier to shoot at him, you know. And his task was the shooting down so that the wreckage would fell to the border. But it turned out as it is happened.

I can say with certainty that Boeing was not shot down by the Buk. When the fragments of the Malaysian airliner were showed I saw a fragment of the pilot cabin left side and in the pilot cabin’s area, on portside, a fuselage damage reminiscent of a cannon shot trace. There were 4 or five holes. The pilot of the fighter clearly took aim to the cockpit. So the task was the hitting the pilot cabin. Not the engines. Because if he made a shot at the engines, the engine caught fire, the air crew would report that the engine was on fire. And he hit the place where the aircrew was for putting out of action immediately, so that they did not have time to report and say anything. This happened.

This is the reconstruction of the shooting of the aircraft maid by the honored test pilot Ruben Esayan. Would you say skeptically that he is a civilian pilot? In the world of aviation Esayan is the highly authoritative expert who participated in the analysis of dozens of air accidents. By the way, read at leisure about Ruben Tatevosovich (see "We are not kamikaze", "Sovershenno sekretno" No. 12/389, December 2016)


Seeking the truth from a country that has been fighting for more than three years with its own people is unpromising. Its combat aircraft did not fly on that day. Its pilot Voloshin who get into the focus of public attention, on the advice of his "PR persons" from the SBU told: "SU-25 is not intended for the damaging such targets as Boeing. We fly lower... The main thing is that we did not fly from July 17, 2014. We did not have the weather. Elementary. But nobody even thinks about it. The aircraft can perform take-offs and landings at a certain meteorological minimum. This is a cloud amount, horizontal visibility... Yes, the Boeing was flying. But, sorry, the Boeing has tools that are much cooler than the Su-25. Boeing can land without an airstrip visibility. And we can not - only with visual visibility, but it was not at that time. At the time it rained, it was overcast sky, 10 points, the sky was completely covered by clouds. We could not fly."

Non-flying weather? And on the advice of Voloshin we thought about it and asked the general director of the famous company Gismeteo Yuri Shmelkin for providing us with the actual weather report for July 17, 2014 in this region of Ukraine. As a result we received data of weather stations Dnepr-34504 (Dnepropetrovsk City), Kharkov-34300 (Chuguev city is located 36 km from Kharkov) and Debaltsevo-34524 (the accident area).

If the pilot Voloshin was on July 17 at a military airfield in the village Aviatorskoe near Dnepropetrovsk, then indeed on that day there were "showers of slight rain". Moreover, at 15:00 there was no precipitation - 0 mm. And at 18:00 there were 2 mm of precipitation. But at the same time – the cloud base height was 1000-1500 meters and the meteorological range of visibility was 10 kilometers. How did Captain Voloshin say - " the sky was completely covered by clouds"?

By the way, if you read newspaper reports about the flight training of the 299th tactical aviation brigade, you can find, for example, such confessions of "Nikolayev aces": "Today we practiced landing exercises in difficult weather conditions so that we could fly in all conditions." "Now I can execute missions in any weather conditions day and night." (This is December 2013) "The air staff of military pilots restored the skills of piloting the Su-25 attack aircraft in various weather conditions." (This is in November 2012).

But if Captain Voloshin flew July 17 from the airfield Chuguev, as follows from the order of the commander of military unit 4104 Gennady Dubovik, then the weather was fine from three to six in the evening: the precipitation is 0 mm, the cloud base height is 1000-1500 meters, the meteorological range of visibility is 10 kilometers... And finally we say about the weather in Debaltsevo between 15:00 and 18:00 - 0 mm of precipitation, the past weather is cloudy, the meteorological range of visibility is 20 kilometers.

Shoot as much as you like!

As test pilot Ruben Esayan said in this regard: "What means that they did not have the opportunity to fly if such weather was? All aircraft both combat and passenger aircraft have a weather minimum. This is a cloud base and visibility at which it can take off and land. And the cloud base is not so low that the aircraft could not fly."


We understand that our case of "Chuguev" documents refutes the official false to the core version of Kiev but at the same time it diverges with the evidence of the mechanic of air armament of the first squadron of the tactical aviation brigade of the Air Force of Ukraine Evgeny Agapov. In December 2014 Agapov gave an anonymous interview to Komsomolskaya Pravda and in June 2015 he recorded his official testimony in the Investigative Committee of RF. We recall that the mechanic Agapov said that "on July 17, the aircraft flew regularly, they began to fly in the morning. After noon three SU-25 aircraft were taken to the air. The two were shot down subsequently. One plane came back. The pilot Captain Voloshin got out of the cab. Being next to him... the technical crew asked for comments to the plane. Later he went with the other pilots and I heard a phrase from him - "the plane is wrong."

The main discrepancy with our "Chuguev" documents is that according to Agapov in early July he was already moved with all the air staff from Chuguev to a military airfield in Aviatorskoe settlement near Dnepropetrovsk: "In mid-June 2014 I was sent on mission, the air unit was relocated to Chuguev, flights were carried out, weapon systems were used. Two weeks we were in Chuguev, then were relocated to Dnepropetrovsk. In early July it was."

So, relying on Agapov’s words Voloshin had to fly July 17 according to another "Flight plan", but for us it is more important to confirm that the aircraft of 299 BTA flew to combat missions on this day. We admit that Chuguev's secret "Flight plan" No. 734 could have been an alternate one.

However, we also have testimonies of witnesses and eyewitnesses. About departures from Chuguev...


Thanks to our «Source N.», we managed to get audio recordings of conversations «on the merits» with three servicemen of the military unit А4104, who «serviced and provided flights at the airfield «Chuguev» on July 17, 2014. Do you remember the order No.702 of Colonel Dubovik? If desired, the voices of these witnesses can be easily identified. Conversations were being conducted and written down by a man, who we conditionally name «Source B.». One of his interlocutors was the Chief of Staff of the military unit A4104 Lieutenant Colonel V.S. Baturin. In July 2014, he served as a Commander of a separate airfield battalion of technical support for the aviation regiment. To be sure - Baturin understands all danger of conversation, he agreed to meet with «Source B.» only because of the request of a certain Tolya. Apparently, he is the former colleague, to whom Lieutenant Colonel Baturin is very obliged. But it doesn’t prevent him to «feed beans» his interlocutor during the conversation. And, maybe, not beans? Baturin gives information, that differs from the data specified in the order of the Commander of the aircraft unit Dubovik. Instead of the boards No.08, No.36, No.29, he names aircraft under numbers No.63, No.64 and No.52. Instead of the last names of pilots Voloshin, Ruchko and others, he mentions pseudonyms - Yevtushenko, Savitsky and also mentions «the unknown pilot of «Sushka» No.52, who arrived from Kirovograd».

But this isn’t so important. Because in the conversation the Chief of Staff of the air unit A4104 confirms the main thing - on July 17, 2014, the combat aircraft «flew to execute the mission No.1 of destroying air targets, somewhere to the district Toreza-Snezhnoye». And the task was completed. We decrypted this conversation and print it in its original best:

Document No.4

Listen to the audio recording of the conversation with the Chief of Staff of the military unit A4104 Lieutenant Colonel V.S. Baturin. Witness No.1

Decryption of the conversation with the Chief of Staff of the military unit No.A4104 Lieutenant Colonel V. Baturin:

«Source B.»: And what are you saying, I'm here... Stanislavovich, what can you tell me about the issue of July 17, when there was a tragedy in the Grabovo region? July 17, what had you at that time... and, what can you say... flights - there were flights or there were not, what can you say in a few words from your regiment?

Baturin V.S.: Well, guys, what can I clarify, guys, you understand that these are serious questions, so open out ... this information is very closed, you can lose epaulets and posts and everything else, but if you are from Tolya, I know Tolya well, that's why I can describe you in a few words, this is my information, that's what I have, what I can analyze, what I have. Here is...

S.: Well, tell me please... Tell me, exactly, on the 17th, what flights were performed in that area, and what tasks did the pilots fulfill?

B .: Well, look, on the 15th, in my opinion, just before 15th, the board No.52 «Sushka» was sent from Kirovograd supposedly for execution ...

S.: On the 15th?

B.: On the 15th, on the 15th of July 2014, «Sushka» was driven from Kirovograd, I know it for sure, as if for technical re-equipment, but, it was strange, that they drove it into the hangar and that it. All. On the 15th it was driven in the hangar, on the 16th, in my opinion, we didn’t have any flights, and on the 17th, according to the regulations, there were departures. Here is, on the 17th, July 17, 2014, according to the schedule should have taken off the boards No.63 and No.64.

S.: Is that, what you know?

B.: Yes, according to the journal entries, that's it... Here is. But instead of the board No.63, flew this No.52, that arrived, arrived from Kirovograd. It is also somehow strange, here is, that it isn’t registered, doesn’t pass through the journals, doesn’t pass anywhere.

S.: I get it. Tell me please…

B.: They flew off to fulfill the task No.1, the course task. This is task No.1 of destruction of air targets, somewhere in the Torezovo region, somewhere there, Snezhnoye and Torez, that area was carried out.

S.: Is it in that place? This is Grabovo, right?

B.: Yes, this is a small settlement, located between these settlements, where they flew.

S.: And how, tell me, how do these planes perform this combat mission, are they fully equipped with combat installations or how?

B.: Well, you are an adult man, airplanes, that carry out task No.1, combat tasks No.1, means - combat weapons. This includes rockets - air-to-ground, cannon installations. Like that.

S.: Are they fighting?

B.: Of course, they are, it flies to the battle task.

S.: And they use it all?

B.: Naturally they do.

S.: And how? To conditional goals or how?

B.: Well, it is so, if No.1, then the goal was, at least.

S.: Struck, in one word....

B.: The thing is, look at one more nuance. At that time, at the time, when these flights took place, so, I was in another position, so I can not...

S.: And what, and what was your position?

B.: Well, I was then the Commander of a separate battalion of the aerodrome of the technical support of the aviation regiment, then I was at that position, that is, simply, to say simply - deputy Commander of the regiment for the rear.

S.: At the same time, it's...

B.: Yes, at the same time. It's just according to my information, something, that I quasi know.

S.: And who was your Commander then?

B.: Well, then we had Commander Dubovik Gennady Stanislavovich
(An error in the patronymic. Actually he is Dubovik Gennady Valentinovich - ed.)

S.: The same unit right?

B.: Yes, unit 4104.

S.: Ah, I understood... But, could you tell me, at least approximately, if it's not secret information, though, the names of the pilots? The numbers you said...

B.: Well, look, according to the implementation, there is all in the journals, then the boards No.63 and No.64 flew out, there were pilots Evtushenko and Savitsky. But Savitsky didn’t fly away on the board No.63, instead of him flew this unknown pilot, who arrived from Kirovograd.

S.: Ah, I got it.

B.: And more, and more interesting information, that just before, ca. on the 15th, a defending guided missile installation of the 156th anti-aircraft missile regiment arrived, somewhere, it is there near Donetsk, so arrived. Our «specialist» communicated with this crew, and therefore I know, that on the 17th they also went somewhere in the area, between the Snezhny and Torez, to support, to support the fulfillment of the task from the ground.

S.: So. What did they conduct, held, fired launchers, or what?

B.: No, they didn’t, I guess, but they seemed to come out to support the fulfillment of the combat mission.

S.: Well, I see, as if it suddenly will not work...

B.: I can’t tell you exactly.

S.: And do you know any of these people, their surnames, have they been recorded by you anywhere, somebody from this missile launcher?

B.: No, but from memory, from memory, it's been quite a long time ago, you understand, from this complex, the anti-aircraft missile system, there, in my opinion, was the driver the Senior Smetkovsky, in my opinion, so, I don’t know the others. Our Sasha Yakovenko, our «special», communicated with them, Sanya communicated with them closely. That is, what is known.

S.: Oh, it's clear, it's good. Well, to the task, they did it and that is all, right?

B.: Yes, I guess, according to my information, task No.1 was fulfilled, and immediately on the same day, strangely, I emphasize, that it's strange, pilots from the boards No.64, No.63, No.52 were immediately disbanded, somewhere transferred, it is unclear where and how.

S.: And were these machines left?

B.: No, they were not. There were no machines, no pilots. They were immediately...

S.: ...Did the machines fly away too?

B.: Yes, all the machines flew away, it's not known where they are.

S.: And nobody has any information?

B.: While there is no information where, what ... I guess, they were transferred somewhere to other bases, as it is usually being done, were disbanded, maybe, even were renamed...

S.: Well, well, what... Thank you very much... How did you already tell us, that...
Well, I understand, I see, it was just on the 17th, right?

B.: Yes, it was the 17th. That's when, the day, when the Boeing was shot down.

S.: But have you accomplished your task? That is, you performed your tasks separately, as expected, in accordance with the flight schedule?

B.: Yes, it was planned.

S.: Well, thank you very much. If anything else, we'll call you...

B.: Don’t, don’t call me, please, if it's there ...

S.: Well, if I'm not on the phone, if I'm on the phone, then I'll ask you something figuratively ...

B.: Don’t.. . time is and information is... information not for all...

S.: Well, well, if that, I think, is not the first time... maybe we'll catch up there, well, thank you...

Once again, it is heard on the record as the Chief of Staff of the military unit A 4104 Baturin turns around, weasels out. He is afraid. He is obliged to unknown «Tolik» in some way, trying to please his comrade, our «Source B.», who poses dangerous questions. And at the same time, Baturin tries not to say too much. But the Сommander-in-Сhief confirms the main thing: on July 17, 2014 combat sorties took place, combat mission No.1 in the Torez-Snezhnoye area was completed. As Lieutenant Colonel Baturin said: «Task No.1 WAS carried out»... «On the day, when the Boeing was shot down».

In our opinion, this is priceless information: an unknown pilot “from Kirovograd”, board No.52, which isn’t recorded anywhere and doesn’t pass through journals. The pilots, who were immediately disbanded and transferred somewhere. It was just in the spirit of the secret orders of the SBU, that we had published earlier: «to carry out preventive measures and rotation of servicemen of the air squadron, that made flights in the specified area».
And, maybe, just the Chief of Staff of the military unit A 4104 Lieutenant Colonel V.S. Baturin told the truth? Or half-truth, but with real details? And the order of the Commander of the military unit A4104 Colonel Gennady Dubovik is the «order of cover»?

Document No.5

Listen to the audio recording of the conversation with the Officer at the military unit A 4104 Captain Dmitry Samofalov. Witness No.2


As our «Source N.» told us, his colleague «Source B.» managed to establish friendly relations with the serviceman of the military unit No.A4104, Captain Dmitry Samofalov. At the time of the interview, the Officer resided in Chuguev town, Aviator district, used a mobile phone + 38063-XXX-XX-XX (the number is at the disposal of the editorial office of the newspaper «Sovershenno sekretno»). It was Captain Samofalov, who told to «Source B.», that according to his information on July 17, 2014, the fighter SU-27 made a combat sortie from the airfield Chuguev to the Torez-Snezhnoye area. It has a «task of covering up»: the destruction of the transport Boeing, which was carrying humanitarian and military aid for the militia of the LNR and the DNR. In fact, the Kiev authorities cynically planned the destruction of a passenger airliner.

«Source B.» didn’t manage to document the entire conversation. But the part, that he was able to write down, in our opinion, is of factual value for the future objective investigation.
The conversation went «for three» in a literal and figurative sense. On the audio tape, you can hear the noise of the feast, the clinking of dishes. In general, the guys had a good time at least, sat like it should be in our way, in Slavonic. Except Captain Samofalov, his friend participated in the conversation, he is a member of the «Pechenegi» tracking station (the RLS of the Air Traffic Control Center, the RLS is located next to the settlement Pechenegi, Pechenezhsky district of the Kharkov region. Among the people it is called «Ball»). Yes, there is a lot of profanity in the conversation, that's why we «translated» some words into decent Russian. For example, the phrase «The Ukrainians fu..ed down the Boeing we rewrote – .

Decryption of the conversation with Captain Dmitry Samofalov from the military unit No. A4104 and his friend - Officer of the tracking station «Pechenegi»

Friend: And they , who to shoot at. Though at these, though at those. Who runs, those they .

Samofalov: None. They don’t . They were told to shoot first at those, and then maybe according to the situation, because the provocation was...

«Source B.»: And someone says, that it were not Russians, who ? Do you mean that Boeing, right?

F.: Yes…

S.: The Ukrainians shot it down. Well, we have here, in Pechenegs, this huge «Ball», which is intended to escort the aircraft.

F.: Completely all, (obscene), in Ukraine, well, our guys are there...

S.: Our friends work there.

S.B.: Well, so what?

S.: This «Ball», it doesn’t work, because everything was moved to Dnepropetrovsk for a long time, where this «Ball» conducts these airplanes.

S.B.: But is it far away, this Dnepropetrovsk? It isn’t?

S.: Well, it's far or it isn’t, the «Ball» that stands near us, is situated on the highest point, that’s why it stands there and observes it all. And they have an antenna, this antenna works only for reception. Crews, that fly through this station, that is, they fly here, and need to contact New York, or someone else. This antenna translates these waves from the pilot into a telegraph, and transmits them by telegraph. It is old, relay-type, but very reliable... It says, that everyone at our work knows, who attacked the Boeing (foul language).

S.B.: Well, there, above Snezhnoye, it's flying..

F.: In the district.

S.B.: And what is the name of this station?

F.: Station for escorting, tracking.

S.B.: So did these guys figure out?

F.: Why not, they are obliged, they make tracking. This is the station for tracking.

S.B.: And are your airplanes being tracked?

F.: Yes, they are, all.

S.: Let's speak humanwise, if Russia really shot it down, you would yell till now, you would argue, and all the evidences would show, but if this is so, why don’t you show it? This is top secret, they declare...

S.B.: And does the military or civilians stuff work on it?

S.: They are simply operators there, it works in an autonomous mode, maximum, what they do, if something happens there, some kind of malfunction or automatic switching, or manually. They are just sitting...

F.: Well, they just change a block or repair manually.

S.B.: And when it was, I don’t remember simply, sometime in July, in the middle of July, in my opinion, chic and they fixed it on that day, right?

F.: Do you remember when the first Boeing was shot down or what, I don’t remember, it was immediately identified at the time – by missilemen...

S.: They, who are above the Black Sea...

S.B.: Ah, when the Jews were shot down?

F.: Yeah.

S.B.: So... there was this minister, he is sitting now in the Verkhovnaya Rada, Kuzmuk. He says, well, we’re sorry, we made a mistake... (Alexander Kuzmuk was Ukraine's Defense Minister from 1996 to 2001 and from 2004 to 2005 - Ed.)

S.: And moreover, both the Russians and the Jews died. Ukraine paid compensation to Jews, but paid nothing to Russians... «The ugly Americans» just smile, they have nothing to respond.

S.B.: Yes... (Obscene)

The tracking station «Pechenegi» («Ball»), described by Captain Samofalov and his friend, is still maintained in operational state. However, all telemetric information from July 17, 2014 by the order of Kolomoisky was withdrawn, delivered to Dnepropetrovsk and classified. «Chic and fixed».

Document No.6

Listen to the audio recording of the conversation with the refueling technician of the military unit A4104 Dmitry. Witness No.3


The third, the shortest conversation was recorded with a refueling technician at the military unit A4104 named Dmitry (surname is not identified). The record is of very poor quality.

Dmitry: ...I was on duty that day.

«Stranger»:Yes, I'm sorry, but how much is such a deal, at least surpass it? Have the self-propelled guns gone by themselves?

Dmitry: Yes, they have.

«Source B.» (whispered): Do you remember the day, when Boeing was shot down? Who did it?

Dmitry: So everyone knows, who shot down, everyone knows that. Kiev.

«Source B.»: Who?

Dmitry: Kiev, Su-25 attacked, in August everyone was dispersed from here...

We advise the International Commission of Inquiry in the Netherlands to take witnesses No.1, No.2 and No.3 under its protection.


So, both the flight plan No.734 and the orders of the Commander of the military unit A 4104 No.No.702, 734, and the testimony of the Chief of Staff, Officer and refueler of this airbase, and even a summary of the weather conditions for July 17, 2014 lead us to the conclusion that on July 17, 2014, an airplane (or several aircraft) of the Ukrainian Air Force shot down a passenger Boeing 777, flight MN17. These could be planes SU-25M1 No.08, SU-27 No.36, MIG 29MU1 No. 29 (according to the information from the order of the Commander of the aircraft unit Dubovik) or «Sushkas» No.52 (unknown pilot), No.64 and No.63.

In our opinion, this «Chuguev» case of documents further confirms and clarifies the data of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, that were published by the Chief of the Main Operations Directorate of the General Staff, Andrei Kartapolov: «The Russian control devices recorded the rising of the plane of the Ukrainian Air Force, presumably the Su-25, towards the Malaysian Boeing 777. Removal of the Su-25 from Boeing 777 was 3 to 5 kilometers.»

When we together with the Federal Investigation Agency FLB.ru published the first two parts of the investigation – «Destroy the facts of the special operation» and «Moving of Buk M-1» through the Ukrainian state border from Russian Federation is not captured», the predictable reaction of the leadership of the Security Service of Ukraine was: this is fake, falsification of Russian special services, forgery. «Nobody writes like that in Ukrainian», - the «philologists» from the SBU expressed their dissatisfaction. So send each of the SBU workers to the Ukrainian language and literature courses! And also teach them not to trade with secret documents.

It's another matter, that in the case of the order No.734 from 15.07.2014, of the Commander of the military unit A4104, Colonel G. Dubovik, we first fell into a deadlock from a number of absurdities, which we found in this document. The strangest thing seemed to be a surname list of pilots: SU-25M1 No.08 (Captain Voloshin V., second pilot Lieutenant Colonel Pomogaybo V.); SU-27 No.36 (Lieutenant Colonel Plohodko R., second pilot Soskovets I.); MiG-29MU1 No.29 (Major Ruchko I., second pilot Major Sitnik G.)

Firstly, we stalled at the rank of reserve pilot of the board No.08 – «Lieutenant Colonel» Pomogaybo. He was easy found on the Web: the Commander of the 299th tactical aviation brigade, Colonel Vladimir Anatolievich Pomogaybo, under whose command Voloshin served. Colonel. To confuse the title of the most famous commander of the «Nicholaev aces» in Ukraine? Random error? Intentional misinformation? We check further. SU-27 No.36 - Lieutenant Colonel Plohodko R. The only one we found on the Internet search - Lieutenant Colonel Ruslan Vladimirovich Plohodko,
Commander of the helicopter branch of the 16th separate brigade of army aviation... deceased on May 2, 2014, two and a half months before the described events.

And as a reserve pilot of MiG-29MU1 No.29 Major G.Sitnik is inscribed in the order. We found only one suitable Sitnik - the Commander of a helicopter branch of the 7th separate regiment of army aviation Grigory Alexeyevich Sitnik. On the August 2, 2014, this Major helicopter pilot was awarded the Order of Bogdan Khmelnytsky of III degree. And herewith, the main pilot of the MiG in the order No.734 is a very real character - Commander of the unit 299 BTA, Captain Ruchka Ilya Nikolayevich.

At this moment, we vividly imaged, how numerous Internet trolls jump from the sofas and clap their hands: «Fake! Fake»! But the fact is, guys, that we are not engaged in propaganda and information adjustment for a certain result.

«So the orders are false, rough juggling? How could a dead helicopter pilot sit in the SU-27 armchair?», - we asked our «Source N.»

- Do you want to receive an assured piece of paper signed by the Supreme Commander-in-Chief Poroshenko with the admission that I, the President of Ukraine, gave the order to shoot down the «Boeing»? And didn’t you think that these were «covering orders»? The SBU’s operational combination. Look, I know for sure, that the copies of these orders have been reshuffled from the staff documents of the Chuguev air force unit. I know by name the people, who did this. I know where the original of Voloshin's flying card is now... They committed a deliberate murder, they shot down the passenger board. They fulfill a special operation. Clearly, they played an operative combination, they aren’t stupid idiots. And Dubovik's orders, purposeful distortions of documents are quite part of this operational game. The task is to wipe the tracks. The airplanes eventually took off on the 17th! Fact».

It is a fact. In any case, we believe, that the «Chuguev’s» documents and witnesses' revelations are the necessary puzzle, that will help restore the tragic events of July 17, 2014. The day, when the «Boeing» was shot down. On that day, when at 13:20:03 UTC or 16:21:28 local time, the recording of the flight recorders of a passenger airplane with 298 passengers and crew members broke. Three years ago.


... It turned out, that after July 17, 2014, the military career of the Commander of the military unit A4104 of Colonel Gennady Dubovik, who gave an order for combat flights of attack planes and interceptor fighters, began to skip a bit strange. Dubovik was dismissed from the post of commander of the Chuguev aviation unit. Information about his further movement, we found on the website of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. September 22, 2014, the commander of the Air Force of Ukraine, Colonel General Yuri Baidak awarded the order «For courage» of the III degree... Major Gennady Dubovik, the Commander of the detachment-senior instructor of the mixed air squadron of the training aviation brigade. From the Colonels - to the Majors, from the Commander of the military unit A4104 - to the instructors of the training squadron. And at the same time he was awarded the Order... What was so guilty about Gennady Dubovik? Was he horrified by what happened?

Subsequently, Dubovik served as a Commander of the third air squadron in the military unit 2269 of the National Guard of Ukraine, and in March 2017 took up the post of the Head of the flight department of the Kharkov National University of Air Force. Career went smoothly.

But honor and profit lie not in one sack. We found his income statement, filed on February 17, 2017. Over the past two years Dubovik has acquired 10 acres of land in the village of Vakhovka, Vyshgorodsky district of the Kiev region and used Zaporozhets (ZAZ-Lanos) from the year 2007. Together with daughter Inna, a student of the same Kharkov University of Air Force, Dubovik lives in a 30-meter apartment in Chuguevo.
A sharp drop in the rank and position of Dubovik is the next step of the SBU in the cover operation? «Preventive measures and rotation» were carried out...

See the 1st and 2nd parts of the investigation:

«To destroy the facts of conducting a special operation»
4 «цiлком таемнiх» («top secret») documents of the Security Service of Ukraine. At the disposal of the newspaper “Sovershenno sekretno” were copies of secret documents of the Security Service of Ukraine on the conduct of a special operation to destroy the evidence of mass murder in the sky over the Donbass on July 17, 2014. The newspaper “Sovershenno sekretno” initiates an investigation “We uncover a secret of Boeing MH17 wreckage”. The operation of the Security Service of Ukraine “Clearing”. Part 1.

«Moving of Buk M-1 – is not captured»
FLB: Was it a Buk? The newspaper “Sovershenno sekretno” published a letter of the State Border Guard of Ukraine that in mid-July 2014 “the information regarding an illegal crossing of the Ukrainian state border from Russian Federation, namely movement of an air defense system "Buk M-1" is not captured”. Part 2.

" 29.06.2017

Sergey Sokolov, Alexey Chelnokov